Thursday, February 21, 2013

November - February

As you can tell, I have neglected to blog for the past several months.  My little monkeys are keeping me on the move constantly.  So just a recap of what we have been up to the last few months.  After being at my parents for most of October, Grady and I decided that it would probably just be easier (for everyone) if we didn't make the journey back to Louisiana for Thanksgiving.  It was the best decision we could have made! Turkey day was so laid back and relaxing- not that the huge family gatherings aren't fun but it was so nice to be in our house and have the boys take naps in their beds.  I even managed to cook a decent turkey and Grady was able to watch some football in his own recliner. While the turkey was cooking, we took the boys out for a walk and it was such a beautiful day. . . 70 and sunny! It was a great day for Grady and I to reflect on how thankful we truly are to have each other and our sweet boys.  I called back home to talk with my parents and Madison and Reece, my niece and nephew.  Reece is too funny- he's 4! While I was talking to him about Thanksgiving and what he was thankful for- he politely interrupts me by saying "Um, sissy- can you stop talking to me now so I can play again?" He cracks me up! If our boys have any of Reece's funny personality we are in for years of laughter.  Another reason I haven't really blogged much is that I have started sewing again and can literally lose myself for hours in the sewing room after the boys go to sleep.  Here are some pics from November:

These are the shirts I made for the boys for their first Thanksgiving.  I used some material that I made my mom's Thanksgiving table cloth with 3 years ago! We won't tell the boys that though.
Our turkey- pre-cooked

Our Thanksgiving feast, Turkey and trimmings, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, cornbread dressing, and sweet potatoes.
Grady watching a Youtube video on how to carve a turkey.  He did great!

I failed to take an official 8 Month pic but this is taken that day.

In December, we got the house decorated for Christmas- not to the extent that I usually do but it was still fun to get in the Christmas spirit.  I enjoyed not having to sneak around with presents like I know I will have to for the next several years but none the less, Christmas with children is a lot more fun than without!  Thankfully up to this point we have had no illness other than some teething discomfort but the flu was rampant this year so we didn't go and do a lot this month.  But definitely had a good time staying indoors and playing!  My mom came to stay with us for a few days and then she and I along with the boys traveled back to La while Grady stayed behind to work and then he joined us a little closer to Christmas time.  The boys are changing so much everyday.  They are eating so much and started to become more mobile.  Both boys will eat just about anything I put in front of them. . . cottage cheese, okra, and even calf liver.  (Hey, its good for them!) They both have a funny lob sided army crawl but they get where they need to go.  And keep the dirt off my floors in the process.
The Price Christmas hayride.  It was drizzling so we didn't stay out long but it was fun.

I love this picture.  My cousin, Micheal, was able to make both boys laugh uncontrollable just by saying "Hey" and waving. We got some really good pics that way.  These are their Christmas shirts that I made them and also made some for Madison, Reece and Zachery.


And moments after the previous picture was taken- this is what we had to deal with.

PawPaw Lloyd with Griffin and Jack, waiting to open presents
Jack and MawMaw Katy snuggling

Opening presents with Daddy
Mommy's turn to help with the present opening- which basically boiled down to keeping them from putting the paper in their mouth
The Benoit Christmas- Granny with 13 of her 14 great grandchildren.
This is what 13 kids opening presents looks like
Christmas church service at Martha's Chapel with our childhood friends, Allison and Jeremy Paul and their families.
Loves playing in the water
Looking for squirrels

This was Griffin first time to pull up- this is his new toy that Uncle Andy and Aunt Tessia bought him.
This is an older pic but I just love it!!

Helping with the laundry
"Santa" and the boys.  They did NOT like Santa. These are some other shirts I made on them for their 1st Christmas.

Even I got to tell Santa what I wanted for Christmas.
Our little elves and Brady

In January, we planned a trip to Arizona to visit with Grady's sister and her family.  We are so excited when we have a chance to see Grady's side of the family since they don't get to see the boys very often.  We have two nieces that love our boys to pieces and we love it because they are the best babysitters and we gladly hand them over when we get there.  This will also be the first time for the boys to meet their Uncle Bruce and the first time for them to fly.  What an experience that was!! I was on the verge on an anxiety attack trying to plan for this trip - having everything we needed in specific bags to check and carry-on, just in case items for getting stuck in Dallas since we only had a 40 minute layover there, just in-case clothes for Grady and I if we got threw -up on and of course extra extra everything for the boys.  Well, no amount of prep could have prepared me for this.  We haven't even left Pensacola airport yet and we are waiting at the gate to board and I took Jack to the bathroom to change him- then back out to get Griff and change him.  Well- while Jack and I were in the bathroom, Grady decided to bounce Griff on his knee- unbeknown to him Griff had a full diaper of #2, runny #2 at that.  So you can imagine the look on Grady's face when I emerge from the bathroom with Jack and his right leg is covered in runny #2.  Mama mode kicked in and I laid down a disposable changing pad right at the gate and got that baby all cleaned up, clothes changed and we made our flight.  Just felt sorry for Grady- it was a long flight for him. Poo-foo!!  The boys did amazing on the plane and everyone was really nice and helpful except one man that sat in front of Grady on the plane.  He was just an old grump and we will leave it at that!

All of our "baggage" for the trip to Arizona.  Two checked bags, two carry-ons, two diaper bags, two pillows, two pack-n-plays, two car seats, double stroller and oh yeah- two kids!

The boys did amazing.  This pic was taken at 1 AM- way past their bedtime. . . and mine!
Our first day in Arizona
Jack loves to take a bath

I don't know who had more fun playing together, Griffin or Uncle Bruce

Jack snugglin' with Jenna

Lauryn helping Griff with his PJs

Jack is ready for bed- yeah right!

Arizona is "supposed" to be warm this time of year- hence the reason Grady's family has a home there- to get away from the North Dakota winters.  Well as luck would have it- it was so cold there that we could hardly take the boys outside and the swimming pool heater couldn't keep up with the frigid temps so the boys stayed inside with the girls most of the time.  Grady and I did get some relaxing time in the hot tub with this view- beautiful!

We did manage to get the boys out one day to do some sight-seeing.

One of Grady's best friends and his wife also have a home there and we got to spend a lot of time with them. 

Grady and I at Queen Creek Olive Mill- Didn't know there was so much to learn about Olive oil!

Right before we left for Arizona, boys boys started getting runny noses but no fevers so I didn't act but then as the day we were to leave got closer and they weren't getting any better- I took them to the doctor.  EAR INFECTIONS- 3 of the 4 ears were infected so we started antibiotics and the Dr. gave us the okay to fly.  They did great taking their meds and beside the fact that I felt like a terrible mother for not bringing them in sooner- our first sickness was not so bad.

The weekend after we got back from Arizona, I had to fly to Miami for the weekend to take a continuing ed class to practice in Florida- Yep! You guessed it- I'm going back to work.  I am working 2 days a week and absolutely couldn't be happier with my decision.  I went back and forth about it for a while but so glad that I did and I feel like it makes me a better mommy when I am there with the boys.  Grady did an amazing job with the boys while I was gone.  And mommy had an amazing time too! I missed all my boys but definitely a good time to rest and relax.

February has been a hard month for us, the boys are officially crawling all over the house and so fast.  Griff will stand and cruise on just about anything.  Especially our stairs- ugh!! He is so fast and so is Jack - when I am chasing after Jack to stay out of the dog food I turn around to find Griff has already climbed to the 4th step on the stairs.  AHHHH!!

We are baby proofing as we go! Please don't call Child Protection on us just yet! We actually thought we had child proofed but not until they are into everything- you realized you didn't do a good enough job. 

The boys are started to mimic words and sounds.  They both can say BYE BYE and sorta wave.  Griffin said "dangerous" the other day.  Really!! My mom told him not to do something that it was dangerous- and he said "dane- rus" . . . twice! It was so funny.  Then later that day while I was feeding him- he said "apple."  Jack said "Eat" when I told him we needed to get in his highchair so we could EAT.  I know that are just mimicking our sounds and pretty sure these aren't their official first words but a mama can dream.  They both can click their tongues and when one starts then the other one chimes in.  And the newest trick that is so funny- you say "night-night" and they both crawl to their pillow and put their heads down in it and woller around.  Its quite comical!

Here are the Valentine's Day shirts that I made them.

And Yes, Jack doesn't have a diaper on- he likes to run off as soon as I take off is diaper.

Valentine's was okay- the boys and I celebrated by baking a cake and decorating it for their Bobby.  Bobby is the precious lady that keeps the boys while I go to work- she is amazing and she helps out so much around the house to keep it functioning (and clean)!  We didn't have daddy home with us this Valentine's day since I brought him to the airport two days prior for a short (about a month) trip to Afghanistan.  Working with the Special Ops guys- that is something that he was to do and even though it is 100 times harder seeing him leave now that we have kids- I know that it is job and he is glad to do it- just pray that he gets home safely and quickly.  The boys definitely know that something is different when daddy is away- they have become very clingy and cry when I'm not right there with them.  So. . . . after a few days of that- Grandma Katy to the rescue.  The boys absolutely love MawMaw Katy and it is so nice to have an extra set of arms to snuggle babies.

The boys are eating more than I ever would have thought.  They are starting to self feed which is a necessary evil in the process to total independence during meal time but geez is it a mess.  Griffin likes to play peek-a-boo. . .while eating. . . with food in his hands.  And since he's not great at covering his eyes with his hands- his hands usually go in his hair- and while he's there- why not pull your hair and run the sweet potatoes through every strand.  And then Jack sees him do that and monkey see monkey do.  That being said. . . we take baths every night now instead of every other.  More work on mommy's end but they love the bath tub so it turns out to be a fun time for all!

The boys have discovered the fun to be had with their older brother, Brady (the dog).  Brady likes to fetch and then bring the toy back and then refuse to left go when you try to throw it again.  The boys have seen him do this enough that they do that too. 

Jack is especially good at throwing balls to us.  He surprises us with how well he lets go at just the right time to get it to us.  Future NBA star- I'm sure.   Brady and the boys all play ball together and they know the dogs toys are for him and they will pick them up and shove them in his mouth because they know that's where Brady's toys go.  Its really fun to watch them all play together.  As of today, Griffin has 4 teeth and Jack's fifth tooth was discovered just now!

We often sit back and just smile at our two precious baby boys and all they can do now.  Everyday is something new and its hard but the fun that we are having is all worth it.  We can't imagine having just one baby- Grady says we would be bored!  Their personalities are become stronger and different everyday. 

Just some more pics of the last few months. . . . .

The boys' newest toy.  They love to swing.

Jack loved to swing the day we went to Navarre Park.

Griff wasn't so enthused.  The back and forth made him very sleepy.

The latest discovery. . . the door stoppers- they love to play with them!

I had to stop this video suddenly to intervene but they are definitely partners in crime.